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Clarity Water is Greater Sudbury's premiere residential and commercial water treatment team. Locally owned and locally proud. We can help you with all of your water assessment and filtration needs, providing FREE in-home water analysis, and custom-built water filtration systems specific to your needs.

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About Clarity

Founded in 1980, right here, in Greater Sudbury. Although, at the time, it was just Sudbury. Clarity was formerly known as Aquatech and recently enjoyed a rebrand in an effort to more accurately represent the 2020 version of business.

To date, the 2 Certified Water Specialists with the help of their team have installed and serviced over 20,000 water systems.There are no water related scenarios that we haven’t seen and fixed. This father, son run business is grounded in family values. The things we care about are; community, hard work, and integrity.

Why Clarity?

Our core values are the reason why you should hire us:

Community (We love Northern Ontario)
Family (This is a father and son team)
Health (Water is at the heart of our health)
Humor (This is basically the same as health. Keep it light and remain professional)

Commercial & Residential Services
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Water facts

Canada has 7% of the world's renewable fresh water.

It is easy for Canadians to assume that we have an almost endless supply of clean, fresh water. After all, we're often told that Canada has some 20% of the world's total freshwater resources. However, less than half of this water -- about 7% of the global supply -- is "renewable". Most of it is fossil water retained in lakes, underground aquifers, and glaciers.

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