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Ontario's Premier Source
for Quality Water, Water
Softener, and Commercial
Filtration Systems

With more than 30 years of experience, two Certified Water Specialists on staff, and well over 25,000 systems in operation, Clarity Water Systems can help you with all of your water assessment and filtration needs, providing free in-home water analysis, and custom-built water filtration systems specific to your needs.

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Our Certified Water Specialists are available, by appointment, to provide a free in-home water analysis, through which this specialist would recommend solutions specific to your water’s chemistry.We offer professional installation and service, and the option of financing.


Clarity’s range of water treatments offers cost-effective customized commercial and industrial water solutions. We work with your company closely to ensure your exact needs, which allows us to build an exact customized solution for your water treatment requirements.


City of Bath

If you travel 2 ½ hours west from London, you will find a small town called Bath in the English countryside. It is here where the concept of the bath was created. In the heart of this town rests the original Roman Baths, one of the few remaining sites from the era it was built, between 60-70CE. It was there that we toured the inner structure and saw these large baths, as well as their inner-workings.

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