Water filtered by an iron filter
Iron Filters

Iron Filters (IF)

Hard water is water that contains a high mineral content. One of the minerals that can be found in hard water is iron, and it is not visible to the eye. Iron filters transform the iron in hard water into rust or ferric iron through the process of oxidation and discards it. Water rich with iron can cause the following, if there is no use of an iron filter:

  • Ugly stains in sinks and tubs
  • Higher water bills due to water appliances working harder
  • Clothes and linens being ruined by hard water, making them feel rough and look dull
  • White, chalky residue or spots on dishes and in your dishwasher
  • Scale buildup on faucets and ugly stains on white porcelain
  • Dry skin and flat hair due to soap just doesn’t lather or rinse completely away because of iron
  • Low water pressure from showers and faucets due to clogged pipes