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4 Astonishing Benefits of Drinking More Water

It's universal knowledge that water is good for health. But for all the times you hear, "Drink water, it's good for you!" Do you ever wonder what it does that makes it so great for us? 


We're making a splash in your health regimen and talking about 4 extraordinary benefits that demonstrate why you should be drinking more water! 


Energizes Muscles 

Enhance Energy + Improve Sex Drive 


Dehydration leads to a dry love life, and no one wants that. Drinking more water is not only one of the best things you can do, it’s one of the most simple things that will positively impact your energy and sex drive for the better. 

Water itself helps energize our muscles, but without adequate fluids, our muscles don’t work as well. If our cells don’t maintain a balance of fluids, our electrolytes will shrivel, and we will force our body to experience muscle fatigue. Along with fatigue, the body’s ability to expel toxins is affected, leading to a lower libido (aka a lower desire for sex). When we feel tired and drained, our performance will be affected in whatever activity we’re doing, so drinking water is essential to help you exercise better both in and out of the bedroom.  

To Energize - WebMed recommends drinking 15 to 20 ounces of water one to two hours before you plan to workout. It’s that simple. 


Flushes Out Toxins 

Avoid Constipation + Improve Gut Health


Our bodies will accumulate dust, dirt, sweat, and other substances until we’re covered from head to toe throughout the day. But just like our external body gets dirty, our internal body is the same way.  


Drinking water removes impurities and toxins from our bodies, allowing us to be healthy because our filtering system, (i.e. the liver, kidneys, bladder, urinary tract, etc.) is functioning the way it’s supposed to. By not drinking enough water, these harmful toxins can build up in the tissues and upset the body’s delicate biochemical balance.  


Supporting The Liver 

The liver has many roles, such as the excretion of bile and the breakdown of vital nutrients for energy. In addition to these, the liver is in charge of filtering blood. How well your blood travels into and out of your liver is dependent on the amount of water you drink. Less water means the viscosity (thickness) of your blood will make it harder for your body to free itself of  toxins, putting you at risk of becoming ill, bloated, and more.  

Imagine spilling pasta sauce on your shirt. Do you continue to wear it around? No, of course not. When our clothes are dirty, you’ll want to clean them and wash out all the ick, and the same is said for our insides. If we're sick, we don't function as well, so drinking more water helps encourage our essential organs to perform their jobs correctly! 


Get Great Skin

Alleviates Annoying Skin Concerns 


If you suffer from dull, dry skin, are constantly battling acne, and are trying to avoid harsh lines and wrinkles...there is one significant and very simple thing to do. DRINK WATER! 

Drinking water benefits your skin by:
  • Improving Skin Tone 
  • Creating Younger Looking Skin
  • Maintaining PH Balance 
  • Preventing Acne 
  • Promoting Tighter Skin 
  • Providing Hydration 
  • Preventing Dryness 

And More! 


According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry, the skin is composed of 64% water. Drinking purified water is necessary for firm skin to develop because clean water facilitates the body's cells to grow and reproduce! Healthy cells are quintessential to protect and fight against various toxins and contagions that age the skin. 


Make a wave with your skincare routine by giving yourself luminescent, glowing skin through pure, filtered water. Sip by sip, get bouncier, firmer, and clearer skin! 


Helps You Lose Weight 

Boost Metabolism + Limit Food Cravings


Did you know that clean drinking water is essential for anyone wanting to lose weight? This is because you need water to burn off fat!


Drinking water will let you stay fit because when you increase your water intake, it also increases your metabolism. By boosting the metabolic rate, the body can grow the number of calories it can burn daily. In addition to this, drinking water also helps curb food cravings by increasing satiety, meaning the ability to feel full longer. 


Often people confuse their hunger for food with their body’s desire for h2O. Next time it’s late at night and you’re about to reach for salty, sugary snacks, drink water first! Proper nutrition and diet are important, but to lose weight, Medical News Today advises taking a glass of clean water before you eat can prevent you from going overboard when snacking. This will help kill the desire to consume food your body doesn't need! 

Photo by Bluewater Sweden on Unsplash

The best water you can give yourself is pure, clean, filtered water! Take control of your health and get the finest water imaginable through Clarity Water Systems. 


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