City of Bath

My name is Thomas Houle and I am a 3rd year Business student at Laurentian University, interning with Launchpad Creative. It’s a great opportunity to work with a locally run marketing firm meeting the needs of Canadian businesses. Through Launchpad, I was introduced to Clarity and our office discussions enlightened me to the fact that Clarity systems have served the city of Sudbury for over 30 years. The importance of water and these discussions have reminded me of last summer, when I took a trip to England with my family and had the opportunity to do a day trip to the city of Bath. 

If you travel 2 ½  hours west from London, you will find a small town called Bath in the English countryside. It is here where the concept of the bath was created. In the heart of this town rests the original Roman Baths, one of the few remaining sites from the era it was built, between 60-70CE. It was there that we toured the inner structure and saw these large baths, as well as their inner-workings.

During the tour, we witnessed the early transportation methods created for harnessing water for the baths. The Roman engineering is seen in how they created a pipe system out of clay to get water from the hot springs located below their structures to these pools of water. This system gave the Roman’s their own unlimited supply of not only fresh, but heated water through geothermal energy. Included in the tour was an opportunity to drink a filtered version of this water through a fountain. The water was lukewarm and heavily tainted with minerals; not very tasty or refreshing.

This tour was a highlight, as it was like stepping back into time. It gave me perspective to the history of water transportation, filtration and the engineering of the original bath system. It is interesting how a constant supply of water is something that can easily be taken for granted now as an essential and basic service. Prior to this trip, the transportation of water and how it originated was not something I had ever thought about or considered as an engineering accomplishment.

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